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2-Port and 3-Port Valves: A Comprehensive Guide for Pool and Spa Owners

2 Port and 3 Port Valves: A Guide for Pool and Spa Owners Swimming pools and spas require proper components to function properly. One such component is the valve, responsible for controlling the flow of water. In this guide, we’ll discuss two types of valves: 2-port and 3-port valves. 2 Port Valves: Simple solution for […]

  Three-port valves are a type of valve commonly used in the control of water flow in various applications such as swimming pools, water fountains, and aquariums. These valves have three ports, which allows for multiple water flow paths to be opened or closed, providing a versatile and effective means of controlling water flow in […]

What Is Stray Voltage?

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What is stray voltage and why should you be concerned with it as a pool builder? If you’ve ever felt a shock from your pool deck, you may have already experienced stray voltage, and you might well know why it’s important to prevent. If you have felt it and survived, you’re one of the lucky ones. […]