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Electric Shock in Pools Causes and Prevention

Electric Shock in Pools – Causes and Prevention

Swimming and summer are synonymous with outdoor fun and creating great memories, but safety has always got to be the first and foremost in your mind. Most people will take great measures and precautions to keep the pool area safe to prevent drowning, but what about electric shock?

Many pool owners and swimmers don’t even know that electric shock can be an issue, and subsequently never prepare for it. There are several different scenarios that can result in someone being electrocuted while using your pool, and it’s important to take them into consideration when having the pool installed, and after the fact.

Common Causes for Electrocution in Pools

Although it’s not a common, everyday occurrence, it is possible to be electrocuted while swimming in a pool. Here are some ways that electric shock can occur in pools, to illustrate why prevention is so important:

Common Causes for Electrocution in Pools

  • Pool Lighting – If you have pool lights that haven’t been grounded or bonded by a professional, electricity can be sent directly into the pool and shock the swimmers. The lights don’t even have to be turned on to send electrical currents through the water. This is true of any electrical feature that is placed beneath the surface of the water.
  • Faulty Electrical Installation – Incorrectly installed wiring can cause stray electrical currents or stray voltage that are interconnected in all the various components of the pool. If nothing is done to rectify the problem, the current can enter the water and shock swimmers.
  • Electronics Falling into the Water – Just like you shouldn’t drop a plugged-in appliance into a bathtub when someone is in there, you should also be cautious of dropping electronics into your pool.

The National Electric Code states that all metal parts of a pool within a five-foot radius need to be bonded to one another and grounded so stray voltage doesn’t enter the water. This includes components like diving boards, slides, ladders and fences.

Keeping Your Pool Safe and Preventing Electric Shock

With so much at stake every time your family and friends use the pool, it’s crucial to keep your pool safe and do what’s necessary to prevent electric shock. One of the key elements is equipotential bonding. This helps you create a situation of equal voltage, so there won’t be a voltage difference that can lead to dangerous shocks.

Stray voltage can come from a number of different sources. Typically, electricity travels through the ground, trying to dissipate, but if there is a conductive material that contains moisture like a pool deck, it will travel through that before going into the ground.

The key to keeping your pool safe and preventing electric shock is to work with a pool builder that has proven experience with grounding and bonding and a strong track record of keeping swimmers safe. At Consolidated Manufacturing International, we provide grounding and bonding products for pool construction professionals that will allow pool owners to have peace of mind when they want to spend time in the pool. Get in touch with us today to learn what we can do for you.

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