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How Can Junction Boxes Keep Your Pool Safe?

How Can Junction Boxes Keep Your Pool Safe?

Electrical junction boxes are enclosures that house electrical connections and provide a safety barrier needed to prevent fires and to maintain solid, reliable connections that remain strong over many years. These boxes are used for every electrical connection, from outlets, to lights, and ceiling fans. They are also vital in the installation of pool equipment and underwater pool lights in order to keep you and your family safe while enjoying the pool.

How Can Junction Boxes Enhance Pool Safety?

How Can Junction Boxes Enhance Pool Safety?Since electrical elements such as lights and pumps were introduced to pools, the risk of electric shock has been a proven reality. Some research even indicates that electrocution is the second-highest cause of death in pools and spas, following drowning. However, the proper installation of a junction box can prevent this from occurring because this box is where the cord from the pool light (or other pool equipment) connects to the power source, acting as a barrier. Therefore, improper installation or faulty boxes are extremely dangerous and can pose an electrical hazard due to the possibility of water entering into the junction box, which would then allow electricity to be conducted into the water. At Consolidated Manufacturing International, we specifically use Thermocraft junction boxes, which not only meet electrical code and current standards; they have many incredible safety features that place them above other pool junction boxes as well.

What Are the Features of Thermocraft Junction Boxes?

Thermocraft junction boxes differ from other junction boxes in that they have an exclusive brass terminal block with stainless steel screws that ensure wires slide right in for a fast, secure connection. They also meet NEC Article 680.52 (A)(B) and comply with UL 1241, which means they are capable of withstanding harsh outdoor weather conditions, unlike other companies that allow aluminum bars and steel screws, which are susceptible to corrosion. This could possibly lead to a dangerous situation for you and your family, as corrosion and ill-equipped electrical structures within your pool can lead to safety issues. Finally, the circular base fits almost any structure and does not have any right angles that need to be squared. Because they do not require expensive fittings and are extremely durable, it means fewer materials and decreased labor costs for you.

Additional features of the Thermocraft junction box include:

  • Top mounting clamps and multiple strain reliefs
  • High impact polycarbonate covers
  • PVC molded bases
  • Wall mount options
  • Line or low voltage wiring
  • Interior or exterior bonding
  • Connections for both 120 volts and low voltage/LED lights

Available accessories include:

  • Thermocraft Support Rod
  • Wall Mount Bracket

What Types Do We Carry?

We carry two types of weatherproof pool light junction boxes: 3-hole/2-light or 5-hole/3-light.
The 3-hole/2-light junction boxes are 4 inches in diameter and feature two, ¾ inch and one, 1-inch outlet. The 5-hole/3-light junction boxes are 5 inches in diameter and feature one, ½ inch and two, 1-inch outlets.

To learn more about the benefits of junction boxes to keep your pool safe, give us a call at (919) 781-3411 today.

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