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How CMI's Venturi Jets Are Different

How CMI’s Venturi Jets Are Different

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a spa tub? Chances are it is not the lights or what kind of sterilizing agent is used. As soon as you enter the tub we all do the same thing – turn on the jets. We know that as soon as that happens we will be soothingly massaged by the powerful streams of water. But have you ever thought about the mechanics of how the jets work?

CMI Venturi Jets Venturi effectBoth pools and spas that have jets work basically on the same principle – the water is combined with air as it goes into the spa. Then, the water and air mixture is introduced to the already present water through an outlet. This creates pressure behind that water, and when the air is mixed in, this results in what is known in scientific circles as the “Venturi effect. ” The effect has its roots in what you may have learned in science class about the Bernoulli principle. This principle states that as the velocity of a liquid or gas increases, the pressure decreases. This is the same principle that allows birds and airplanes to fly, since the air moving over the top of the wings is lower pressure than the air under the wings.

How does this principle of flight apply to the idea of spa jets? The system forces the water through what is called a “choke,” which works much like putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose. When the water is accelerated through the choke, the pressure in the pipe through which it just traveled actually decreases. Since the pressure is lower than the outside air, the air is forced into the water mixture, creating the “jet” effect that we are so in love with. This is the industry standard mechanism and has worked well for quite some time. But, there are more innovative ways that we here at CMI have been working on to make these jets even more efficient.

Traditional jets are far from compact, and their large size makes them difficult to place anywhere but in central locations within the wall of the tub. CMI’s more compact jets are designed to fit into more unique places, such as the spillover walls, and other areas of the tub that were impossible to place jets in before. This innovation has led to an entirely new spa experience, since the jets can hit your body at angles unique to the CMI system. If you have a passion for the spa experience, you should absolutely check out one of these new jet systems.

Call us today if you might be interested in a new and improved jet system to get the most out of your spa experience. Here at CMI, we take spa time seriously. Contact us today (919) 781-3411.

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