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Holiday Pool Lighting

Light Up Your Pool for the Holidays!

One of the perks of having your own home pool is being able to enjoy it any time of the year, even during the winter holidays. If you want to spice up your poolside experience, here are some simple and creative ideas to turn your pool area into a festive winter wonderland.

1. String Some Lights
A simple way to add to the holiday ambiance is by stringing lights along the bushes and trees in your backyard surrounding your pool. You can also add lanterns, hanging stars, or LED Crystal Ball decorative string lights on your screened-in patio. These lights are specifically made for the outdoors, they are waterproof, and they come in a variety of colors, including warm white and multi-color. This will add ambiance to your pool area during the holiday season, and can be used year-round as well.

Holiday pool festive lights2. Use Floating Candles
Another creative idea is to place floating LED tea light candles in your pool. Add holiday-themed pool floats and inflatable drink-holders along with the floating lights to spark even more holiday cheer.

3. Light a Path
Use LED track lights or light strips along with decorative lanterns to light the way from your house to your pool, creating an enjoyable, festive pathway. Add holiday décor such as pathway markers or tinsel figurines with incandescent lights. Some popular choices include candy canes, jumbo Christmas light bulbs, and snowflakes. Certain pathway markers are even solar powered, making your pathway not only functional and festive, but environmentally-friendly as well.

4. Trim the Tree
We typically put up our Christmas tree inside, but why not have one outside by the pool as well? You can either put up your own artificial pre-lit tree (double-check that it’s marked safe for outdoors), or decorate a tree already near your pool. Adorn your tree with lights, ornaments, and even light-up decorative gift boxes underneath it in order to evoke the spirit of the season. For a clean look and easy set up, choose tree wrap lights. The netting allows you to place lights around trunks and branches evenly.

5. Upgrade to Colored Pool Lights
Another simple way to add a holiday theme to your pool area is to upgrade to or install color-changing LED pool lights. Oftentimes, these lights have the capability to stay white if that’s your preference during the majority of the year, or allow you to customize your colors for seasons and holidays. For Christmas, enjoy swimming in a red and green-lit pool, or during Hanukkah, choose a blue and white or yellow-lit pool. No matter what holiday you celebrate, colored lights can add a special touch to your pool.

6. Choose a Theme
If you know you want to decorate your pool area, but don’t know where to start, think of a theme and go from there. Do you want to focus on green and red colors? Or maybe holiday in the tropics? Perhaps blues and whites with icicle lights and snowflakes for a winter wonderland? Having a unifying idea will make choosing décor and execution easier.

As always, please use caution while trimming your pool area with the holiday décor. Reach out to us for help achieving your vision and lighting up your pool safely for the holidays!

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