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Stray Voltage can occur anywhere Protect your community And your loved ones

CMI’s Equibond® Equipotential Bonding Grid
Tested and Proven Protection Against Stray Voltage
Made from exothermically welded #8 Solid Copper, 12” spacing on grid. Each roll comes with accessory kit and can be installed by one person.

Protect your deck with proper equipotential bonding to comply with Utility Industry requirements.


Bonding Grid Kit includes:
High Quality Hardwear

Direct Burial Ground Clamp
#8 Split Bolts to connect the corners and secure each side to the rebar clamp for Direct Burial
Metal Stakes to hold grid in place so one person can roll out

Meets NEC 680.26 and 2023 TIA 1687


Our EquiBond™ Equipotential Bonding Grid System is a breeze to install and can be done with only one person. Below is more information on the Equibond™ Equipotential Grid System.

Download the PDF HERE


Equipotential Bonding Validation Procedure

The Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) has published a guide document to demonstrate the Equipotential Bonding Validation Procedure.

The document will help you determine the adequacy of the equipotential bonding at an in-ground swimming pool, understand better different factors and variables ultimately drive the results and efficacy of Equipotential Bonding.

Print this page each time and use as both instructions and recording measurements.

Download the PDF HERE 

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50, 75, 100, 125, 150

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